200 Hour Certified- (Yoga Teacher and Co-owner of The Yoga Mat)

It has been said that yoga is a vast subject and understanding it is a lifelong pursuit. Committed to a lifestyle of balance and healthy habits, Courtney’s love of yoga as a means to empower those around her with an avenue to reach their full potential pushed her to follow her dream of opening a fun and friendly studio where anyone could pursue their practice of yoga. Courtney embraced her passion for yoga and decided to dive deeper into the journey by taking the 200 hour journey for Hot Power Fusion, followed by another 200 hour training in Vinyasa at Corepower Yoga, Huntington Beach.


200 Hour Certified (Co-owner of The Yoga Mat)

Understanding that yoga is not just a workout - it's about working on yourself, Natalie grasped the beauty and depth of what yoga has to offer and determined to push aside all worries and fears and share that beauty with those around her. The desire to enrich and grow a community of strength and balance gave life to creating a welcoming and enjoyable studio in the heart of Orange.


LOUISE WITH-SEIDELIN- 500 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Louise is a very natural, enthusiastic and strong yogi who guides her students through a creative and well sequenced yoga practice. At the age of 17 Louise began taking yoga classes and later became a yoga instructor in 2002. She taught at Yoga Shakti and received guidance from Jnana Nanda Bharati, a yogi from the Himalayas. Louise has also studied under David Swanson, Erich Schiffman, Ana Forest and Dharma Mittra. In 2008 Louise went to San Francisco to learn contortion and worked at Yoga Tree SF, San Francisco’s premier yoga studio. During her time in the Bay Area Louise received her 200-hour teacher training from Dharma Mittra and from Yoga Tree SF, she also finished her contortion training and became a contortion teacher at Circus Center San Francisco.

In 2012 Louise moved back to Southern California and is currently taking her 500-hour teacher training at Yoga Shakti. She continues her pursuit to share health and happiness through yoga.

RENEE SCHWAN- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Renee first discovered yoga 10 years ago in a library book. She began photo copying pages of asanas to take home to practice. After a while her desire to learn more about yoga grew and she decided to find a local studio. Renee was amazed at how she felt after her first class led by an instructor. She realized there was a lot more to yoga than just the position her body was in. Enjoying the sense of calm that this practice gave her, it didn’t take long before she started attending several classes a week. Yoga became more than a physical practice for her; evolving into a spiritual practice of balance and peace of mind. She committed to being a lifelong student of yoga.  As she grew in her practice it became clear she had a passion to share the joy she found in yoga with others.

Renee is so grateful she was able to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks and is thankful everyday for the opportunity to teach and be taught the many gifts of yoga. Guided by the belief that yoga can be for everyone, Renee’s goal is to help facilitate a moving meditation throughout each asana practice. Yogis of all levels can enjoy Renee’s classes centered on breath and alignment. She hopes to hold a space free from self judgment or expectation. Come as you are and together we’ll move forward from there!  

Yogi Jodi.jpg

JODY THEISSEN- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Jody began her Yogic Journey many years ago and has never turned back. Grounded in the principles of Yoga, Jody employs meditative techniques, breathing exercises and flows focusing on a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully present, awake and alive. A graduate from Cloud Nine Yoga, she continued her training in the healing arts of Thai Yoga Therapy as well as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Sound Therapy. A lifelong learner she continues to grow and learn thru students, teachers, retreats and workshops. Her approach emphasizes empowering each student to fully own their practice through mindfulness in movement and action, on all levels, both on and off the mat. 

EVE DEL ROSARIO- 500 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

After reading articles about yoga for a couple of years in Yoga Journal, Eve realized it would probably benefit her more if she practiced it. She bought a yoga mat and took her newfound epiphany to a yoga class. From that first class on she became aware of how yoga transforms, heals, opens, connects the mind with the body, and inspires the spirit.

Eve completed her 200 hour Teacher Training through Yoga Works in Costa Mesa, CA, in the summer of 2011; her teachers were Kori Flechtner Strobl and Casey Coda. Her initial intention was to deepen her own practice, but realized (another epiphany) that if she can help others by guiding them through their own yoga practice, then it would be an honor. In Albert Einstein’s words, “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living,” and teaching yoga to others, Eve feels, will hopefully aid those to find more awareness within and reach their authentic selves. 

ASHLYN MEDINA- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Ashlyn Medina will always have her mother to thank for dragging her to her first yoga class in 2009. During a time when she was experiencing anxiety and depression, yoga brought healing. Instead of feeling intimidated by others in class, she felt an overwhelming sense of acceptance, not just for where she was physically, but also for where she was mentally and emotionally. Touched by all aspects of yoga, from its physical benefits to its philosophy, as well as the generous community it cultivates, Ashlyn chose to devote herself to becoming a part of it. 

Soft-spoken and compassionate, Ashlyn received her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification in 2012 with the specific desire to help others’ find the same healing and strength she found. Influenced by yogis of all backgrounds, Ashlyn incorporates various styles of yoga into her classes. Whether she is teaching new students or life-long yogis, she is committed to creating a safe space for people to grow. Taught with an open heart, Ashlyn’s classes will leave you feeling refreshed and grounded.


Jesse Schiffmacher - 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher) (RYT)

Jesse received her 200 hour certificate of completion from The Yoga Mat in Orange County. She took her first yoga class at the age of fourteen and fell in love. For the next ten years, Jesse continued to practice off and on when she was able to find the time. Two years ago, after discovering how much it helped her manage and deal with her depression and anxiety, yoga became a daily practice and ritual. The more time she invested into her practice, the more joy and gratitude she was able to find in her life. Now completely dedicated to self love and self care, Jesse is an activist for the healing powers of yoga, pranayama, and mediation in particular. Jesse specializes in vinyasa flow and incorporating breath work and philosophy into her classes.

Corey Moran - 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

At age 12, Corey procured his first computer. A sedentary lifestyle ensued for nearly 2 decades. It wasn’t until his mid twenties he vanquished video games from his life and began his physical journey. He discovered sports for the first time, Indoor Rock Climbing and Racquetball. Meditational and calming effects came from these discoveries, but not without a reality check that he has the flexibility of a steel bar. This led him to yoga. For many sun orbits he was shy and inflexible hiding in the back corner of the studio. Yoga almost veered from his path when a teacher ridiculed his inflexibility over the microphone. All fear and judgment has since been expelled from his being. He has learned to laugh at and love his body as is. Corey is absolutely infatuated with the breath and what it can do for the mind, body and soul. The dance we call yoga is part of his daily practice for the rest of his life. This makes future Corey beyond delighted.
“True power resides within. Harness this and become infinite”.


Heather Thomas- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Heather began her career in movement at the age of 6 when she started training gymnastics. For 12 years she competed in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program in Southern California as a competitive artistic gymnast competing in all four events: bars, beam, floor, and vault until she was 18 years old. She has 8 years gymnastics coaching experience; working with ages 3- 18 in recreational gymnastics and competitive gymnastics. She dove for the Fullerton College Intercollegiate Springboard Diving team for 2 years during ’07-’09, using the One meter Diving board. Heather performed in the Pixar Play Parade for Disneyland’s California Adventure from 2013- 2014 as a high bar acrobat. In 2012 Heather began training circus arts; her specialty is aerial arts (working on silks, lyra, hammock, and trapeze) and hand balancing (on the floor and on 4ft canes). She began acro stunting and hand-to-hands in 2014 when she started training with other circus acrobats at the famous Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA. She also has dance experience in jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop dance and has choreographed competitive gymnastics floor routines, beam routines, and various different types of dance routines.
Now a professional acrobat/aerialist/choreographer Heather enjoys her time teaching and performing and is eager to soar to many other heights. At the start of 2016 Heather began her yogi journey; drawn to yoga as a source of healing, at first practicing only a few days a week, she quickly progressed into taking multiple classes a day. Following her yogi path, she completed her RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Certification at Maui Yoga Shala in Maui Hawaii. Complimented by her AA Degree in Biological Anthropology she is eager to share her passion of movement infused with the spirit of Aloha with the yoga community.

Wendy Chen- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Wendy, former figure skater turned yogi, stepped onto the mat for the first time in 2008 as a graduate student in NY to reduce the stress of all of those research papers and presentations. In 2012 she moved back to CA and found herself so inspired and motivated by her yoga teachers that she decided to take her practice to the next level by enrolling in a 200 hour teacher training. She completed her teacher certification through Shanti Shanti Yoga School. Wendy's teaching style is an alignment based, breath-centered Hatha and Vinyasa flow. She loves helping her students discover the beauty of breath, the ease of movement and the acceptance of self and others through the practice of yoga.


Ellex Medina- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Ellex never expected to be teaching yoga. Truth be told, she was enamored by Pilates in her adolescent age. But both her mother and sister, certified yoga instructors, would often talk about not only the physical benefits of a strong yoga practice-but the emotional as well. Only during her junior year in college did Ellex decide something needed to change in her life. Though she had a healthy relationship with eating, adapting to a gluten free lifestyle at the age of 17, her idea of "working out" was slaving in a gym. So Ellex finally listened to her mother and sister, asked for a two-week introductory rate at a local studio for Christmas, and started sweating (and smiling) more than she could imagine while holding what was called a "Downward Facing Dog." Along with running and weight training, Ellex now enjoys moving her body to find balance in her daily activities. She trained at the Rachel Silverman Yoga School in Anaheim, California to earn her 200-hr. certification through Yoga Alliance.

Jaime Clark- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Jaime has always had a passion for physical fitness and well-being. Coming from a background in skin care, massage, and holistic wellness, a transition into teaching was a natural progression. She began teaching in 2011 after completing Yoga certifications through both CorePower and YogaWorks. She then ventured into teaching Pilates, Barre, and TRX. With her vast array of experience and knowledge, Jaime offers a uniquely creative approach to her classes as she customizes them to her student's unique needs and challenge levels- always with an added touch of humor and fun!

Denise Talancon- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

It all started when her mom bought her an 8-week mindful meditation course for type-A personalities as a Christmas present, and it was during this course that Denise began her yoga journey in 2012. Looking for new tools to manage her anxiety and depression, under the guidance of Mariana Fischer-Militaru, MA, CMI, meditation gave Denise a sense of emotional freedom and peace therapy that the gym had never given her. From there she developed an asana practice which lead to receiving her 200 RYT vinyasa yoga training and certification from the esteemed Yoga Mat in Orange County in 2016. Since then Denise has continued to expand her experience with Sound Healing and Reiki Levels I and II certifications. Forever dedicated to learning and growing, she practices meditation, sound healing, kundalini, bhakti, japa, kriya, restorative, yin, and vinyasa yoga. Her true essence is realized when she is connecting with people and helping them find their inner peace through breath, sound, and movement. Her message is simple: Through self-care, self-love, and self-discovery, the more you align with your self – the mind, body, and soul – the more you will notice your deepest truths and intuition. In the words of K. Pattabhi Jois, “Practice yoga, and all is coming!”

Michelle Dillard- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Michelle was born and raised in Irvine, California. Since the age of 4, she has been a classically trained dancer and has been taught by and worked with renouned instructors and choreographers. Shortly after high school she found a home at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, working in the entertainment department, specifically characters, and choreographing for their yearly charity revue. In 2005, she returned to the world of education, continuing her dance training and associates program at Irvine Valley College. From there Michelle spent 2 years as a principal performer and guest choreographer for Elle Vie Dance Company, formerly based in San Juan Capistrano. When the company relocated to Florida, she decided to focus her journey inward, exploring a deeper yoga practice and connection with the world around her. In May 2018 she graduated from the 200 hour teacher training program at the Yoga Mat and is now one of the instructors. Michelle likes to bring the "silly" to the mat, emphasizing the joy of the process and progress, as well as the balance yoga brings to our day.

Christina Medina- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Christina Medina, RYT 200, is a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and Certified Health Coach. Her passion in life is to age with grace AND share that passion
with others helping them to live, move, and feel better in their bodies naturally. When she isn’t spending time with her husband of 29 years or
her four adult daughters, you can find her studying topics like anatomy, biomechanics, or nutrition, coaching clients to live the healthiest
version of themselves, or cooking up something gluten and grain free in the kitchen.

Chelsea Cross- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Chelsea is a very natural, passionate and strong yogini who guides her students through a creative and well-sequenced yoga practice. Chelsea’s journey to yoga started through her love for running. For 3 years, Chelsea ran several days a week in preparation for multiple races including the Santa Rosa Marathon in 2015. The constant wear-and-tear of training led to some pain and discomfort in her joints, which prompted Chelsea to add yoga to her weekly regimen. Chelsea’s passion for yoga grew until she was practicing yoga more than she was running. In 2018, she eventually received her 200-hour teacher training from The Yoga Mat OC where she continues her quest to share health and happiness through yoga. Now Chelsea practices yoga several days a week in addition to teaching mathematics, running, and hiking every weekend somewhere in the mountains of Southern California. Due to yoga’s abilities to strengthen the body and mind, Chelsea considers practicing yoga one of the most important aspects of her training as she prepares to finish her thru-hike of the John Muir Trail in 2019.

Leslie Hughes- 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

In early 2012, a friend and I bought Groupons for a yoga studio in Houston, TX. We started "No Excuses Yoga Night" to make sure we used all of our classes. A month later I was completely hooked. I found a way to manage the stress of a bad relationship and corporate job. I found a way to rebuild my strength and confidence after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. I found my people and my breath. Through yoga I have gained the courage to live an authentic life and heal my body and spirit. My goal is to share the possibility of this freedom with others through my classes. I moved to southern California in early 2017 to pursue a yoga teaching career - and I love it here!

I hold a 200 hour, Yoga Alliance certified teaching certificate and have taught yoga full time since May 2015. My teaching experience includes studio classes, private clients, an eating recovery center, and I was a presenter at the Yoga Expo in Houston. Prior to teaching full time, I managed a popular yoga studio in Houston where I gained valuable experience and made lasting connections and friendships.

My vinyasa classes seriously fun. They are mindful, irreverent, and challenging. I love to explore all facets of yoga with you, weaving yoga philosophy and life themes into my classes for personal inquiry. My focus is on inviting you to be in the body you brought to the mat today. This is your practice - make it so! I am an avid music lover so you can expect great playlists for your practice. I look forward to sharing with you this beautiful practice!

Anthony Campbell - NASM CPT, AFAA GFI, TRX, PN Lvl-1, RYS-200

I ventured into yoga after inheriting different health issues along with gathering many injuries. Yoga was a space I could dig into my strengths and insecurities and develop both along side each other. It also helped me learn my body on a deeper level and develop and awareness that has benefited my activities of daily living. With yoga I desire to bring that same hope and opportunity to others while providing a place to celebrate one’s body with the underlying theme of: Exercise should a celebration of what your body can do instead of a punishment of what you consumed.

Mitra Sell - 200 Hour Certified (Yoga Teacher)

Mitra’s yoga practice began in 2001. Her growing desire to share, teach, and encourage others in their yoga practice compelled her to earn her 200-hour teacher certification through Yoga Works, Costa Mesa, in 2006 and has been teaching ever since. In 2008 she began taking Pilates mat, reformer, and fusion classes, and learned the importance of incorporating core work in yoga postures. In 2012 she received certification in Sculptworks, BarWorks, and Pilates Mat through YogaWorks. Mitra enjoys learning new and challenging poses and encouraging her students to link breath with movement. She offers a strong, playful, and high energy vinyasa flow accompanied with an upbeat soundtrack in a heated room. She encourages students to listen to their bodies and practice accordingly while encouraging students to go to the next level. Her goal is to create a safe, fun and challenging environment in which to grow your practice.