Our morning coffee, our phone provider or the source of our meals - all relate back to the consumption of Earth's precious and finite resources. Even the most simple choices inadvertently contribute to the degradation of our natural world. This is our carbon footprint. As we advocate community and oneness, it is essential we lead by example. March 2014 will mark the beginning of our efforts, as a business, to minimize our carbon footprint. What will this mean for you? 

1. All new students must register online.
We are asking all new students to pre-register online and skip the in-studio paperwork. We have laminated paper waivers as a last resort option, but highly encourage the online-process. By eliminating this paper we spare trees, and also make the newbie process quicker. Register here.

2. Renew memberships and purchase packages online.
All of our services are available for purchase online and will sync with your records on our computers. Again, although we have last resort options, we highly encourage the online-process.
Renew and purchase packages here.

3. Bring a sustainable water-bottle to class.
Our studios do not sell plastic water bottles at the studio. If you forget your water, we will encourage you to buy one of our sustainable water bottles, which you can fill up with our fresh filtered water. It's just better that way. Mother earth will thank you.

4. We reward you.
Ride your bike to the studio or carpool 10x and we'll reward you with a free class. Ask the front desk for your YogEco card so you can start collecting your stamps!

5. Together we make a difference.
We also use biodegradable cups, biodegradable paper towels, biodegradable wet wipes, and green cleaning supplies. To calculate your carbon foot print visit http://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx.